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  Our clinic offers traditional physical therapy along  with cupping, dry needling and manual   therapy for patients needing relief from pain or to aid in recovery from injury recovery  or surgery.


We also offer sports performance and train athletes of all levels.

If you're looking to enhance your fitness or improve in your sport, give us a call.


 Click on the service button for detailed information about our services.

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Traditional Physical Therapy

Personal Training

Body Work

Our doctor of physical therapy will perform a comprehensive evaluation to determine your specific diagnosis and create a customized plan based on your unique situation. At PhysioFit, we believe everybody is an athlete from our grandmothers playing with their grandkids to professional athletes, and as a result we treat a wide range of impairments and people.

Every plan starts with a comprehensive evaluation performed by a doctor of physical therapy to determine your baseline fitness level (Movement limitations, strength, speed, and power). You choose which package is best for you and your fitness goals and our highly trained and experienced PTs will help you crush your goals. In addition to our personal trainers working directly with our PTs, you will be assessed by our PTs regularly to track progress.

We offer 4, 8, and 12 week programs. Call for pricing.

Our 1 hour treatments are aimed at improving pain, restoring normal motion, and optimizing function. One of our highly trained manual therapists will perform an individualized evaluation in order to determine your specific limitations and will correct each limitation. Together, you and your clinician will determine what treatment techniques are best suited for you and your limitations. Techniques include cupping, dry needling, soft tissue mobilization, and stretching.



At PhysioFit, our mission is to optimize health and performance by empowering the patient to be in control of their recovery. We do this by providing a unique rehabilitation experience that utilizes a dynamic evaluation and evidenced-based treatments to foster a quick recovery. We set a new bar for physical therapy by creating a concierge feel to your physical therapy experience. It starts with the ease of check-in and seamlessly transfers into your 1 on 1 treatment sessions. Our 1 hour treatment sessions combine manual therapy and cutting-edge technology with evidenced-based exercise to reinforce movement and improve performance.



We accept most insurance plans.

We also have cash pay options.
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