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Kim DelCastillo, Cornelius

"Knowledgeable, kind and caring," are three words to describe Chris O'Connor. I came to him with pain in my lower back and leg. I had my doubts about going to a PT, but my husband asked me to go and he was 100% right! He was able to pinpoint the problem area immediately. After my second visit I was pain free! I was amazed at how great I felt.  It did not stop there, he also took the time to talk to me on what I should and should not do, as well as exercises to do at home. Hands down a great decision. He loves what he does, and it shows! I highly recommend Chris O'Connor.

Matthew Myers, Davidson

Before I saw Chris, my back was easily at a pain level of 8 out of 10. After a 15-minute session, my pain was reduced by 75%! After our second session, I was mobile and out of pain! I am truly grateful for your expertise! I can't thank you enough!

Jessica Shambaugh, Mooresville

On July 12, 2022, I had a total right knee replacement and within a few days I began physical therapy with Chris. I had already had a total left knee in 2018, so I knew what the therapy entailed. I knew from the first visit that this experience would be very different. Chris was amazing from the start, and everything we worked was explained in detail of why each exercise or treatment was beneficial. He is extremely knowledgeable in the anatomy of the knee and leg and was able to tell me what each exercise would strengthen. 


Not only is he technically great, his personality is amazing! He would encourage me and cheer me on in every session and it definitely gave me the motivation I needed. A total-knee is not fun, and the therapy can be grueling, but Chris made it a great experience and I looked forward to every session. I cannot recommend him enough and I have already given his name to friends and family. I know he was a major part of why my recovery was smooth and faster than I anticipated. Thank you, Chris, for everything, you are a ROCK STAR! 

Kathy McKillen, Cornelius

I just wanted to write you a note to tell you how deeply I've appreciated your kindness and expertise as you've helped me on my journey to wellness after a hip replacement surgery. I could not have wished for a better encourager and coach and appreciate you more than you could ever know! I feel more positive, educated, and encouraged in my recovery because of you... Thank you so much for the sessions we had together, and know that you made a different in my recovery physically, emotionally and spiritually. You're a gem.

Marni Rhoads, Cornelius

I'm so happy to have made the leap to go and see Chris. As a former college athlete, my body has been through a lot. I am very active and want to continue to be, but definitely have slowed down over the years. The past two years I’ve been battling lower back pain, and I tried a chiropractor and a sports masseuse with some relief, but I was never back to 100%. I just assumed that’s how the rest of my life would be as so many others have probably done the same. I’ve been going to Chris twice a week for four weeks and it has truly been life-changing. I’m not all the way to where I want to be, but my back no longer hurts when I do household chores, carrying heavier things or sitting in the car. I’ve discovered other old injuries that I thought I just had to deal with from playing volleyball that have already improved. Again, so happy to have made the decision to check it out. Thanks so much, Tiffany and Chris!! 🙌🏻

Joseph Edd, Cornelius

Chris is an outstanding physical therapist and has excellent social skills. I am recovering from hip replacement surgery and have chronic stenosis. Chris evaluated my symptoms during my initial visit and developed a program to treat my back and hip pain by using dry needling, cupping, massage, and stretching therapy. Part of my treatment is to strengthen my core muscles through extensive exercises. After 4 weeks of therapy, my pain had diminished so that I no longer had to take Celebrex, and I am able to walk 3 miles a day, and I am now able to play golf again. I am so happy to be able to live without severe pain and resume my normal lifestyle. Tiffany efficiently schedules my appointments and coordinates payments to Medicare. Both Chris and Tiffany are very positive and motivate me to strive to live a healthy lifestyle.

Matt Raymer, Cornelius

I’m a 51 year old executive in an office environment. I worked out with Chris for around 10 weeks. I’m in the best shape I’ve been in over 20 years. The guy knows what he’s doing for sure! I would highly recommend Chris to everyone.

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