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Physical Therapy

What makes us unique at PhysioFit is our holistic approach to treatment. Every person is unique and every injury presents with specific impairments. Therefore, each persons recovery will consist of different treatment approaches specific to their injury and goals. We provide the most cutting edge and evidenced based treatments to get you back to what you love the quickest. Here are a list of our unique treatment techniques:

dry needling.jpg

Dry needling is a technique used by physical therapists to treat acute and chronic pain by improving blood flow and relaxing the muscles. It involves a thin filiform needle that penetrates the skin and underlying muscle and connective tissue.


Cupping is a soft tissue technique in which cups lift the skin and underlying tissue to improve blood flow, remove fluid stasis/byproducts, and release adhesions.


Joint Mobilization is a manual therapy technique that involves a skilled passive movement to the joint complex that aims at improving motion and decreasing pain. The passive technique can be applied at varying speeds and amplitudes and may be accompanied by an audible crack.


Soft Tissue Mobilization(STM) is a technique in which the therapist uses his/her hands or a tool (IASTM) in order to relieve myofascial trigger points, reduce swelling and inflammation, relax tight areas and promote healing.


Blood Flow Restriction (BFR) training is a technique that combines low intensity exercise with blood flow occlusion that produces similar results to high intensity training. BFR training is able to achieve results similar to high intensity exercise by recreating a hypoxic environment using a cuff. This technique is particularly beneficial to post-op, arthritic, and/or any patient that can not tolerate high intensity exercise and is in need to strength gains.

Gait analysis.jpg

We specialize in working with runners. We offer a dynamic running evaluation that includes movement assessments and a treadmill running analysis with cutting edge technology to determine the cause of your running related injury. At PhysioFit we understand that running will cause some aches and pain, but stopping running all together is worse for your recovery. We will prescribe appropriate load management that allows you to continue to train safely while you rehab your specific running impairment.

Hand held dynamometer.png

Handheld dynamometry is a tool to accurately measure strength. Strength in physical therapy has traditionally been measured using an MMT which is inconsistent. Various reports have shown a 15% reduction in shoulder strength is required to determine a 4/5 MMT(weakness). This lack of sensitivity highlights the need for hand held dynamometry. At PhysioFit, we believe in a thorough evaluation that starts with an accurate assessment in your strength. Handheld dynamometry allows us to accurately determine your strength deficiencies and asymmetries in order to best program your rehab.

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